BotServ Information

Hey everyone.

We have had a few questions regarding our BotServ system. During the migration of Services from the predecessor network, we decided to scale the system down as it had grown out of proportion, and many of the bots were simply not being used.

We want to tightly maintain this system to prevent this from happening again. The version of Services that we run (Anope 2.+) allows the basic services bots to do exactly the same thing as a custom BotServ bot will do.

However, we are aware that some of you would still like a custom bot in your channel for aesthetic reasons, so here’s what we propose:-

The first 16 people to follow us on Twitter @IdleChatIRC and tweet about our network will each receive the chance to name ONE BotServ bot that they would like us to bring back.

We want to try to keep BotServ to a minimum of 25 bots. Any bot requests after we reach 25 bots will require a small monetary donation of $5 via our Donations page.

Thank you all for your continued support!