Network Limits & Restrictions

We’ve complied a list of things the network limits for various reasons, These restrictions keeps the network fair for all users. Some of these limits keep the network accessible to all IRC clients.

Limit Type Maximum Limit
Number of channels you can be in 100
Number of bans (+b) on a channel 60
Number of excepts (+e) on a channel 60
Number of invite excepts (+I) on a channel 60
Length of a channel name 32 characters
Length of a nickname 30 characters
Length of a channel topic 307 characters
Length of an away message 307 characters
Length of time before a nickname can be registered 30 seconds
Days before an unused nickname drops 60 days
Days before an unused channel drops 60 days
Number of nicks in a single nickname group 16
Number of entries in a nickname’s access list 100
Number of channels registered to a single nickname 20
Number of entries in a single channel’s access list 1024
Number of entries on a single channel’s akick list 100
Number of channels for NickServ’s AutoJoin list 100
Number of memos a user may store 20
Number of entries on a single channel’s badwords list 64
Number of days ChanServ keeps seen Data 180 days
Number of connections from a single IP address 6

How to get Twitter in your channel.

IdleChat provides a twitter bot, with the name “Twitter”, to provide you with a twitter feed in your channel. It’s very easy to use and doesn’t require that you give over your twitter login. Remember, We will never ask you for your Twitter login! To use it, follow these simple steps:

All of the following commands below need to be done in a PM (private message) with the bot (Twitter).

Register with the bot

Send a PM to the IRC user “Twitter” with the register command. The syntax of this is: register . Username and password are the credentials you will use to log into the bot in future. An example of this is:

register ILoveTwitter SomeSuperPassword

Allow the bot to read your twitter feed

When you register, you will be presented with a URL that you must go to and log into your twitter account. Click the “Allow” button and you will be given a PIN code. Now return back to the bot and use the pin command to tell the bot what your PIN number is. The syntax of this is: pin . An example of this is:

pin ILoveTwitter SomeSuperPassword 6983612

If this is successful, the bot will tell you so.

Add your channel(s)

You can add up to 10 channels to the bot. You must be an op or higher (@&~) in a channel in order to add the bot to it. To make the bot announce your tweets in a channel, you need to use the addchan command. This will make the bot join that channel if it’s not already in there. The syntax of this command is: addchan . An example of this is:

addchan ILoveTwitter SomeSuperPassword #l33tChannel

You can do this command again to add your twitter feed to more channels.

Tweet and wait

Due to the limitations of Twitter’s API, the bot looks for new tweets every 60 seconds. Within 60 seconds of you tweeting, your tweet will show up in all of the channels you have added.

Other commands

You can delete your account and remove the bot from a channel using other commands in the bot. PM the bot “!help” to see these commands.

If you have any issues with this, please let us know in #help.

The Code for the bot except any modifications we've made & most of the wording of this page is © Phil Lavin & GeekShed LLC