Network Limits & Restrictions

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We’ve complied a list of things the network limits for various reasons, These restrictions keeps the network fair for all users. Some of these limits keep the network accessible to all IRC clients.

Limit Type Maximum Limit
Number of channels you can be in 100
Number of bans (+b) on a channel 60
Number of excepts (+e) on a channel 60
Number of invite excepts (+I) on a channel 60
Length of a channel name 32 characters
Length of a nickname 30 characters
Length of a channel topic 307 characters
Length of an away message 307 characters
Length of time before a nickname can be registered 30 seconds
Days before an unused nickname drops 60 days
Days before an unused channel drops 60 days
Number of nicks in a single nickname group 16
Number of entries in a nickname’s access list 100
Number of channels registered to a single nickname 20
Number of entries in a single channel’s access list 1024
Number of entries on a single channel’s akick list 100
Number of channels for NickServ’s AutoJoin list 100
Number of memos a user may store 20
Number of entries on a single channel’s badwords list 64
Number of days ChanServ keeps seen Data 180 days
Number of connections from a single IP address 6

Attention Channel Owners

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We’ve been noticing since updating to Anope-2.0.* that some channels have been incorrectly registered, We’ve talked to a few channel owners but we can’t catch every channel. So if you’ve registered a channel between now and Sept 15, 2014 please check your channel info and check the description field to make sure your not unknowingly displaying a password. The correct command to register a channel is now.

/msg chanserv register #yourchannelname [description]

To see if your channel is effected by the new registering command you can run the command

/msg chanserv info #yourchannelname

You’ll get something similar to the following depending on your client and how its scripted.

[12:10:10] [ChanServ]: Information for channel #damdevil:
[12:10:10] [ChanServ]: Founder: Radien
[12:10:10] [ChanServ]: Description: Something here
[12:10:10] [ChanServ]: Registered: Sep 02 15:15:48 2014 UTC (135 days, 2 hours, 54 minutes ago)
[12:10:10] [ChanServ]: Last used: Jan 15 18:10:10 2015 UTC (now)
[12:10:10] [ChanServ]: Ban type: 2
[12:10:10] [ChanServ]: Mode lock: +nt
[12:10:10] [ChanServ]: Options: Peace, Security, Secure founder, Signed kicks, Topic retention
[12:10:10] [ChanServ]: Last topic: Good Luck is hard to come by ° Our website: °
[12:10:10] [ChanServ]: Topic set by: iRadien

the line your looking for is the Description: Something here line. If your channel password or any other thing shows up that shouldn’t be there chances are your channel is one of the effected channels. You don’t need to drop your channel or anything all you’ll have to do is run a command to change the Description of your channel.
/msg chanserv set description #yourchannel [your new description]

If by chance you’ve been effected by this change we suggest that you change your nick password and anything else that might be attached to the password that has been shown.

We’re Sorry for any inconveniences this may have caused you, and for taking so long for it to be noticed.