March Server maintenance

There will be some maintenance done to a couple of our servers from our service providers March 3rd between 5:00-6:00 UTC service to some servers will be disrupted for up to 5 mins, there’s a chance that you will experience connection issues, If you do all you have to do is continue to try to connect until you make it back online.

Server Restarts

Recently you may have noticed that IdleChat has had a few server restarts in the last week or so, We’re sorry but there is nothing we can really do about them. Most XEN hosts are restarting their hardware for security updates, you can look at the email we’ve received from one of our hosts below.


Linode recently received several Xen Security Advisories (XSAs) that require us to perform updates to our host servers. In order to apply the updates, hosts and the Linodes running on them must be rebooted. The XSAs will be publicly released by the Xen project team on March 10th, therefore we must complete the updates before that date.

These updates are required to protect the security and safe operations of not only our infrastructure, but yours as well. We understand that a disruption with such limited notice is inconvenient, and we hope you understand that these measures are warranted due to the severity of the XSAs.

(Some information has been removed)

Before March 10th we might experience more restarts. If you have any questions or concerns you can always join #help