We are always hard at work to bring you features which will make your time on the network a lot more enjoyable. Listed below are just some of the things you will be able to take advantage of.

  • Custom Host Masks – You can request a custom host mask that will show in your /whois information. Use this to be as creative – or professional – as you choose. Show everyone who you are with just a few words.
  • Protected Chats – Our IRC network is protected with powerful blacklists that filter out proxies, TOR servers, spam bots, etc. to ensure that your channel is protected against spam and attacks.*
  • Nickserv – Registering your chosen nickname is easy, and only takes a moment to do. Using Nickserv to register your name means that no one else on the entire network can use it… it’s yours! You will have to log in with your password each time you connect, and use your name at least once every 60 days in order to keep it active.
  • ChanservChanserv is the method we use to register and manage channels. It gives you many options to set up your channel, make it as secure as you wish, and manage your users. Once your channel is registered using Chanserv, no one else can use that channel name for as long as it stays active.
  • Botserv – You can grab a network channel bot for yourself to help keep order in your channel. Using Botserv is easy. This bot can help protect from flooding, repeaters, CAPS users, and more.
  • Quote Database – Did someone in your channel make you laugh so hard that you had tears running down your face? Share it with the rest of us in the QDB! Please read the first page prior to using the QDB.**
  • Forums – We offer a free forum area right here on the website. You are welcome – and encouraged – to participate with other network members there. You might even meet new friends, who will then come hang out in your channel. You can also use the forum for getting help with anything related to the network.
  • Flash Chat Embed – Would you like your IRC chat room embedded right on your website? We can do that! Simply visit the Flash Chat Generator, and enter your channel name. The code will be generated for you. All you have to do is add it to your website or blog! ***
  • FAQs and Tutorials – We have a wide range of FAQs and tutorials already written for you! These are in place to help you learn your way around IRC and make it easier for you to manage your channels. Almost any question you can think of is answered on those pages. If you can think of something that should be made into a tutorial, let us know in the #help channel. We may just write it up and add it!
  • Help with commands – We’ve made a list of commands that’ll explain Various commands that you may not know exist.

Even though we have all of these great services already, we are always looking to expand. We want your ideas! We are open to adapting and changing our network (and even its policies, when appropriate) based on ideas, opinions and suggestions from you. After all, IdleChat is your home!


* – Depends on blacklist availability. ** – May not be online at the current moment. *** – Is not online yet.