Servers Gone, Just Gone.

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We’ve been experiencing some issues with a couple of our servers so we’ve gotten rid of them, sadly updating the DNS didn’t happen it when should have, so the servers we got rid of are still sticking around in our DNS and probably will be for the next 48 hours or so! If you experience any issues while trying to connect or reconnect keep trying. If you experience any issues you can always contact us on Twitter or Facebook. We apologize for any complications this change has crated for you, we’ll have all issues resolved as soon as we can.

Network update

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Hello! There have been some changes to the network as of late:
But First, we are aware of the ping outs people are experiencing, and we are researching this issue, looking for a solution. We will keep everyone up-to-date with our findings as they are discovered.
We have also extended the time you can be away from the network before your nickname and channels expire. Previously it was 30 days, but it has been extended to 60 days.
The biggest change; We have added a new server to the network! Yes.. thanks to one of our users, we have a new server located in California. It has not been added to the Round Robin yet, so expect it shortly. If you’d like to connect directly to the new server, point your client towards

BotServ Information

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Hey everyone.

We have had a few questions regarding our BotServ system. During the migration of Services from the predecessor network, we decided to scale the system down as it had grown out of proportion, and many of the bots were simply not being used.

We want to tightly maintain this system to prevent this from happening again. The version of Services that we run (Anope 2.+) allows the basic services bots to do exactly the same thing as a custom BotServ bot will do.

However, we are aware that some of you would still like a custom bot in your channel for aesthetic reasons, so here’s what we propose:-

The first 16 people to follow us on Twitter @IdleChatIRC and tweet about our network will each receive the chance to name ONE BotServ bot that they would like us to bring back.

We want to try to keep BotServ to a minimum of 25 bots. Any bot requests after we reach 25 bots will require a small monetary donation of $5 via our Donations page.

Thank you all for your continued support!

Welcome Idler's

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IdleChat is an Internet Relay Chat network that offers professional services for all your community needs, we offer a number of channels where people can connect and share interests. We maintain a safe and secure environment for community managers and users, so you don’t have to worry about the complexity of networking. Our goal is to offer the best support while at the same time giving you the tools to grow your community the way you want it.

The IdleChat staff are the biggest asset we have to offer you. We are a diverse group of people – most of us geeks – but we do specialize in different areas. While our interests and hobbies may not be identical, our passion for communication is.

Using our combined knowledge, we have been able to create a unique environment for you and any users you may have. While most of us may be technologists, we’re open to any type of community – this can be seen by the many sporting channels floating around!

We offer a range of features free of charge, so take a look at how IdleChat will be an advantage to your community. We appreciate the time you spend here and will do everything within our power to make your stay as comfortable as possible. If you’re new to IRC and need help running a channel, feel free to contact us (In #help) and we will do our best to help you understand how things work. You can find us on Twitter or you can contact a staff member directly.

Thanks for checking out IdleChat, where we take the work out of networking! You can connect to our network via an IRC client like mIRC or xChat. Just point the client to one of our servers.


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Click the button each arrow is pointing to. The Following pictures can vary from what you see on your device.


Pictures were created with AndChat Version 2013-04-08 on a Nexus 7