iHosts (more commonly known as vHosts or Virtual Hosts) are what users see instead of your hostmask. There are several ways for you to obtain an iHost(vHost) on IdleChat. Provided you meet certain requirements, obtaining an iHost is quite simple. The requirements are as follows:

  • Your nickname must be registered for a minimum of 60 days.
  • iHosts must either end in .iHost or be a domain that you own. (Example: My-Awesome-Host.iHost)
  • If you would like to request a domain host, you must be willing to prove that you own the domain.
  • In order to waive the waiting period, make a monetary donation of $5 or more through the Donate page.

1 Abuse of an assigned iHost (e.g. using it to evade a channel ban) will not be tolerated. Such abuse will see it removed and network action could ensue. You will also be barred from accessing this service in the future.

2 iHosts may not violate our Terms of Service. This includes, but is not limited to references of hate speech, inappropriate or illegal websites and IRC networks. Network staff have final say in the approval of all iHosts and reserve the right to reject any requests with or without reason.

3 iHosts may only be changed once every 2 months.

Concerns about anonymity being a reason to have an iHost are unwarranted, as hostmasks are encrypted upon connecting to the network.

Making a iHost request:

If you would like a iHost, simply type:

/hs request Host-You-Want-Here.iHost

We will try and approve or reject any requests within 48 hours of them being made, if you have not heard anything then please ask in #Help – If you are online at the time when we approve or reject your request, you will receive a notice from a bot called iPolly indicating the status of your request.

If you would like more information/help with iHosts, please ask us in #Help.