Weekly Newsletter


Events This Week

Movie Night on this Wednesday
Will be Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets.
Will Start @ 8:15 CDT/CST

Just a reminder to join Age restricted events you’ll have to verify your age with a staff member. You can do so by taking a selfie with your ID that has your Date of birth and photo visible all other information can be blurred out.

Quote Of The Week

“I’m sick of following my dreams, man. I’m just going to ask where they’re going and hook up with ’em later.”

—Mitch Hedberg

Question Of The Week

What activity do you do where your mind wanders in thoughts the most?

This Week In History

During a meeting in Canton, Ohio in 1920. The National Football League was formed (as The American Professional Football Conference).

Book Of The Week

I’m Glad My Mom Died
by Jennette McCurdy

Song Of The Week

Damn StraitScotty McCreery
Album: Same Truck
Released: 2021

Something From Our Staff


Apple device owners are urged to update their devices, a new round of exploits have been found. Devices effected are iOS/iPadOS, macOS and Safari. To update head over to the Settings and then locate the General section and then Software Update.

Android 13 is making its rounds for pixel devices, check your phone, other Android phones might get an update later this year.


For $4 you can craft this little flower Gnome with Tiny!

Table Top

Big news for D&D and big things coming

—DS – Brat Tamer

Drinks With Drac


  • Jack Daniel’s Apple Whiskey
  • Cherry Pepsi


  1. Chill glass & add ice cubes
  2. Pour 2 fingers of whiskey
  3. Top off with Pepsi

Special Instructions

  1. Start with a 20oz bottle drink to the label
  2. Fill bottle with Whiskey


Welcome MultiVersus

This Fighter game was released Aug 15th, It’s playable on PS4 & 5, Xbox X/S/1, and PC, it can only be played in groups up to 4 players, Feel free to thank the
developer: Player First games.

Book Stuff

Our Book gremlins have asked you to check this book out this week.

Users Who Say Things

If you see ᗩIᗰᕼᖇEIT` active this week, or if you don’t give her a highlight and entertain her.

MediumDave has friends now, and has joined a Guild. (Money has been traded to join this one!)

News From The Age Restricted Section

We’re going to shoot for a cross server cards against humanity event this week, Come and find out if you’re the worst one of us!

Server Changes For The Week

You’ll notice that the hype squad channel is no longer in the list of channels. the User media channels weren’t active enough to justify a special channel for comments on pictures.

The Gaming section has gained a Screenshots channel to post game related screen shots. It also gained a new gaming role section to pick up game related roles.

Channel Of The Week

The channel that you should visit this week (if you like games) is #【💀】game៚suggestions if you have a game that you like to play and it has a server to play with others drop a suggestion maybe someone will host it for you.

A bit about our partner servers!

Cloud Elevate

Your Chaotic Journey Starts Here

This is an 18+ BDSM based server with loads of opportunities for self-promotion. All inclusive and welcoming community with weekly updates. Be sure to join the chaos and find yourself today!

Weirdos Club

It’s Okay to be Different.

A safe space for all members who don’t quite fit into normal social ques, or for anyone looking to meet new people. LGBTQIA+ friendly. Secured NSFW sections, and an attentive owner and staff. Come get weird with us!

The Pep Squad

Come Find Your Squad!

An LGBTQ+ safe space server centered on gaming and twitch streams with channels for self promotion, gaming clips, and streaming, friendly staff and users, and bots to play with while you make new friends!