Ban Appeal

If you are visiting this webpage, you are more than likely banned from the IdleChat IRC Network. This is much like a channel ban, but on a larger scale, meaning you will not be able to connect to the network and should not attempt to access the network until you know the ban has been removed.

If you have been banned from the network, you will receive a message similar to the following when trying to connect:

Closing Link: BannedUser[] (User has been banned from IdleChat (You have displayed conduct that is not suitable for the desired environment. If you wish to appeal this ban, visit )))

If you can connect to the network, but cannot join a specific channel, you are likely banned from that channel and will need to contact the owner or channel staff to resolve the issue. IdleChat staff will not interfere in channel issues.

You can appeal your ban on our Discord Server.

Ban appeals must be made in the following format:

  • Copy and paste the information that has automatically been generated for you – located at the bottom of this page, which includes: who set the ban, the length of the ban, the reason for being banned and your host/IP address information..
  • Explain why you think you were banned and why it should be removed. Be specific, courteous, and polite. Understand that mistakes can be made by the staff. But if you know you did something wrong, act like an adult and own up to it.

An example of a properly formatted ban appeal:

Automatically Generated Information
You were banned by: Kyle
The ban was set on: BannedUser
Time length of ban: 3h
Reason you are banned: You have displayed conduct that is not suitable for the desired environment.
Your current host is: 
Your current IP address is:
Blacklist: iPocalypse DNSBL

Why I think I should be unbanned
I said an offensive word and continually ignored warnings for me to stop. 
I understand now that what I did was wrong. I will follow the Terms of Service more closely in the future.

After you have submitted your information, a staff member will review the appeal as soon as possible.

Click here to start your ban appeal. This is a one time use link once you close Discord you’ll leave the server unless you decide to stick around (you’ll have to ask for a role)

Your Automatically Generated Information

Reason you are banned: No reason specified.
Your current host is:
Your current IP address is: