Donator’s Rules & Guidelines.

IdleChat¬†does not depend on your financial support, but any donation would be appreciated. Your donation to us would be a big help to take the load of paying for the network’s servers off our staff.

  1. You must follow the same rules that we ask other users to follow, you already agree to this on connect anyway.
  2. Anyone found evading channel bans using their donator vhost will find the removal of the donator vhost.
  3. Donations are not refundable.
  4. You’re allowed to post on social networking sites about your donation but do not spam our network.
  5. If you wish to remain anonymous¬†please let us know and we won’t list you on our public supporters list. This information will be kept between the staff; we respect your privacy and any data protection laws.

IRC Nickname
Amount ($USD)

Donate using our PayPal.Me link: here

Donator Perks

When you donate:

  • Please provide your nickname and a URL of a website/twitter account and we will put you on our list of supporters. If you wish your donation to remain anonymous please state that when you donate, and this information will be kept between you and the IdleChat staff respects your privacy.
  • You are entitled to request a donor’s vhost. This is in the format xxxxx.donated-2-IdleChat where xxxx is the donor’s nick.