Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

The Frequently asked questions (FAQ), has been listed questions and then answer, its a list of commonly asked questions by users in #help or other channels. We’ve taken the time to list them below so you can find the answers with out having to ask the same question over and over again.

How do I talk like an action?
You can invoke a virtual action to go along with your conversation. You talk on IRC simply by typing a message, and make an action by typing /me followed by a description of the action, as in example: /me waves hello
What it looks like:
* Radien waves hello
How come services keep telling me that my nick isn’t registered?
Nicknames that are not used for sixty(60) days are subject to automatic deletion by Services. In the event of this catastrophe, you will have to re-register your nickname and any channels you previously owned.
Why do my channels keep getting dropped?
Any channel which is not used for twenty(20) days (i.e. which no user on the channel’s access list enters for that period of time) will be automatically dropped by Services. Once deleted you’ll have to re-register your channel(s).
My vHost is gone! What happened to it?
One of two scenarios could be answer to this issue:

  1. Your nickname expired, or was dropped. Consequently you lost your vHost. If that happened less than 14 days ago, you can re-request it under the condition that we can find logs proving your claim. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait the sixty(60) days.
  2. You were found using your vHost to evade a channel ban. You’re welcome to /join #help and inquire about getting it back. However, in most cases, Idlechat staff does not honor appeals for revoked vHosts. You can click here for more information
I have a channel on Some-NetworkIRC, can I move it to IdleChat?
Absolutely, as long as the channel you want to move isn’t already registered to someone on IdleChat. If this is the case, you have two options:
      1. Pick a different channel name
      2. Talk to the owner of the channel and see if he/she will let you have it. We provide many services to help ease the transfer of your channel to our network via multiple servers located around the world. We also provide a variety of chat applets hard-coded for connecting to our network.
    Additionally, you’re welcome to move your small IRC network to IdleChat. To do this, CNAME your networks main domain to You may need to contact your domain provider on how to do this. Please note that moving your small IRC network to ours does not guarantee you’ll receive an O:Line on IdleChat. Feel free to speak to Radien, shaggysi0, or Kyle though if you’re relocating a lot of users.
    Can I link my server to IdleChat?
    Feel free to ask in #help if you are interested in linking servers with us. Be sure to provide us with the amount of users on the server(s), the age of your network/server(s), and the record uptime of server(s). However, please note any requests made for Janus links or anything similar in nature will be denied without a reason given. If you’re asking to assist the network with help, feel free to make a monetary donation to our PayPal.
    How do I enable channel moderation?
    To enable chat moderation use: /mode #channel +m
    To disable chat moderation use: /mode #channel -m
    How do I use the Extended Ban Types?
    You can click here to visit UnrealIRCd’s website on Extended Bans.
    How do I enable Flood Protection?
    You can click here to visit UnrealIRCd’s website on Anti-Flood.
    How do I get a vHost? or What is a iHost?
    You can click here to view all information on getting a vHost & what a iHost is.
    I got disconnected for having too many connections, how can I have more?
    Click here for more information on our session limits.
    How do I register a channel?
    To register a channel, you must first join it and obtain operator status. When joining a channel that does not yet exist and is not registered, you will automatically obtain operator status. Once you have operator status, type “/msg chanserv register #channel description”. Substitute your desired channel name, and a short description of your channel which will be displayed to users who request information about it.
    Note: While identified to the nickname that registered the channel, you automatically have founder level access.
    How do I assign a bot to my channel?
    To assign a services bot to your channel, type “/msg BotServ assign #channel botname.” To see a list of the available bots, type “/msg BotServ botlist”.
    How do I make other people auto-op in my channel?
    To give other users auto-operator status in your channel, they must first register their nickname. Once this is done, you can make them a standard auto-op by typing “/msg ChanServ access #channel add nickname 5”. This will add the user to your channel’s access list at level 5.Different levels come with different privileges. In a default channel setup, the most useful levels to use are shown below:-2 or below: The user will be automatically banned from the channel.
    -1 or below: The user will not be allowed to have operator status.
    3: The user will automatically receive voice (+v or +) status upon joining.
    4: The user will automatically receive half-op (+h or %) status upon joining.
    5: The user will automatically receive op (+o or @) status upon joining.
    10: The user will automatically receive op(@) and admin(&) (+ao) status upon joining.
    9999: The user will automatically receive owner and op (+qo) status upon joining. However, each level will also grant the user access to certain commands to use on the channel. To view what level is required for each command or privilege, type “/msg ChanServ levels #channel list”. The levels are also editable – type “/msg ChanServ help levels” to learn how to do this.
    What is IdleChat’s IRC server name scheme?
    Hey! We’re glad you asked! The server names are all synonyms of the word lazy which is a word related to Idle.
    Who are the people who join my channel with hosts?
    Anyone with a hostmask of is a Network staff member. Only Network admins have this hostmask. You can see a list of the staff here.
    NO staff member should ask you for your passwords, they will however ask for your email address that your nickname is registered to to verify that you are who you claim to be.
    For the love of all that is sacred can you stop using (insert blacklist here)?
    To put this simply, no. But if you’re being effected by the use of droneBL you can go to their website here; sectoor can be found here; EFnet’s blacklist here to get your IP removed. Alternative you can use our ban appeal system and state your case and try to get a blacklist exemption but if you’re using a proxy to connect then you’ll be denied. You’ll have to provide proof that the IP in question is the IP your ISP has assigned to you.

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