IdleChat’s Weekly Newsletter

Peter Van Der Veen enters (Angela) second week of Staff trial!

Question of the week

What topic can you bring up at a family gathering to instantly get everyone riled up?

Welcome to the Great purge of August 2022!

The evening of the 6th we purged all the unused channels from the server and moved things around if you need help finding things make sure to stop by the contact staff channel, or ask in lounge. This change also made it possible to tab autofill channel names so if you know the name type the first letter then tab it till you find it.

World News

In Memory of

Judith Durham

Born: July 3, 1943
Died: August 5, 2022

Australian singer, songwriter and musician; lead singer of popular folk group The Seekers.

Server news

Events this week!

Age Restricted Game Nights

We’re currently trying to figure out a couple nights a week to have game night check out This channel to vote.

Movie Night

Wednesday @ 8:15pm CST/CDT

Harry Potter & The Sorcerer’s Stone

Will be airing this week, grab your popcorn, a drink and your date.

Just a reminder to join Age restricted events you’ll have to verify your age with a staff member. You can do so by taking a selfie with your ID that has your Date of birth and photo visible all other information can be blurred out.

Song of The Week.

Jax – Victoria’s Secret

Book of The Week.

Carina Nebula from the James Webb Telescope

What Games Are we playing!

Console Games.

Call of Duty Vanguard
PowerWash Simulator

Computer Games.

7 Days to Die
Space Engineers
Ark: Survival Evolved

Gaming Section Blurb

If you’re interested in playing Ark, Minecraft, or Seven Days to Die be sure to stop by the gaming section and ask for information to connect.


Simon’s New single will be releasing shortly keep a eye out for it on Spotify! Search for Zero Mindset

Crafting with Tiny

Crochet a cute little dragon with this $3 dollar pattern!

Channel of the Week

Make sure to get your age verified and stop by Spicy Chat to hang out with all the deviants of the server.

A bit about our partner servers!

Cloud Elevate

Your Chaotic Journey Starts Here

This is an 18+ BDSM based server with loads of opportunities for self-promotion. All inclusive and welcoming community with weekly updates. Be sure to join the chaos and find yourself today!

Weirdos Club

It’s Okay to be Different.

A safe space for all members who don’t quite fit into normal social ques, or for anyone looking to meet new people. LGBTQIA+ friendly. Secured NSFW sections, and an attentive owner and staff. Come get weird with us!

The Pep Squad

Come Find Your Squad!

An LGBTQ+ safe space server centered on gaming and twitch streams with channels for self promotion, gaming clips, and streaming, friendly staff and users, and bots to play with while you make new friends!