#Uno Channel

How to Play Uno Each player receives 7 cards with the remaining ones placed face down (virtually) to make up a DRAW pile. The top card of the DRAW pile is shown to begin a DISCARD pile. The first player has to match the card in the DISCARD pile either by number, color, or word. […]

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IRC Clients

This List might be outdated if something isn’t working let us know. Desktop/Laptop Clients Hexchat Free,  (Windows XP/Vista/7/8) (Linux) mIRC $20 (Windows 7/8/10) Colloquy Free (Mac OS X 10.7+) xChat for Windows ($19.99) (Windows Server/2000/XP/Vista/7) xChat Aqua/Azure (OS X 10-10.6) xChat Linux Free Irssi Free (Linux, FreeBSD, Microsoft Windows, and Mac OS X) KVirc Free […]

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Channel & User Stats

If you have a nickname registered with NickServ syntax: /msg nickserv register password email and/or a channel registered with ChanServ syntax: /msg chanserv register channel [description] you now can use a couple commands that will allow services to keep track of a few things. Syntax: /msg nickserv set chanstats {ON | OFF} Turn Chanstats nickname statistics ON or OFF. The Command can be […]

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