Staff Application

Please copy and paste the form below.
Answer all the questions and open a ticket in 【🔵】contact៚staff

Discord or Real name:
Age: (must be over 18)
Position Desired:
(A) Admin (B) Moderator (C) Advertisement Team

1. Why would you like to join the staff team?
2. What can you offer IdleChat as a staff member?
3. Will you have time to devote to the server?
Ex. Staff meetings, Server work, Events ect.
4. Can you fairly moderate
5a. Do you understand the rules?
5b. Can you enforce the rules?
6. Have you ever been a staff member on another discord server or similar community based setup?
7a. If you’re applying for the Advertisement team, how do you plan to advertise?
7b. What are the social media platforms you plan to use?
7c. Submit an example of an ad you’d use.

Once Submitted, your application will be reviewed and a member of staff will reach out to you with a decision.

Thank you for your interest in joining our team!