Hi! I’m Radien, but you knew that otherwise you wouldn’t be here right? unless you’re just clicking on pictures and hoping you get someone.

I’m a dad, employee, husband, brother, son, even a friend to some.

What is my role on IdleChat?

I’m the guy, Apparently i’m in charge, or I’ve been told i’m in charge so I guess I’m the boss! I don’t wanna be but someone has to be right?

What are my hobbies?

Some of my favorite past times is reading, getting lost in a good book is my favorite thing ever! although I do enjoy a good video game. On some of my more boring days you can even find me tinkering around on IRC doing something or another.

What are some of the social networks you visit?

Do you have any other links you’d like to share?

If you’re bored you can check out my website @ http://damdevil.org

When Was this last updated?

5/7/2020 @ 9:50pm